Our offer have three categories, so EVENTS, SHOWS and FILM – in this section you can see more details. 




Town historical events

Our association has been engaged in organizing cultural and social events for more than 27 years. The events that we hold, and we can rely on rich experience in their realization, are mainly urban historical festivals which focus on the anniversary of the town, the remembrance of important personalities, events and battles.

We can professionally coordinate these bigger projects so that the individual performances are directed to the historical period and thematically correspond to the assignement.

Our individual performances as well as those of other performers (dancers, jugglers, magicians, period bands, theatre, etc.) are involved in these festivities. The whole event is usually accompanied by the marketplace of the given period, we have more than 50 cooperating craftsmen and stalls in the database.

We secure technically these large projets and we ensure all technical facilities incl. lighting, sound system, security service, garbage containers, mobile toilets, etc.

Reconstruction of the battle

We have directed more than 130 reconstructions of battles which are based on historical foundations, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, e.g. Germany, France, Austria.

We are one of the biggest and most experienced organizers of these mass events, in which we provide scenario, direction and implementation itself, incl. all technical security.

As an example we present the reconstruction of the Battle of White Mountain from 1620, which we have been organizing for 14 years, it is held in an authentic place in Prague at Vypich. About 1,000 costumed performers are involved in the battle, dozens of trained horses. It is the concentration of the largest number of weapons from the 30-year war period incorporated according to the combat order with a number of pyrotechnic effects. 


Each festival is usually accompanied by a procession for which we provide professionally trained horses, carriages that can drive city councilors in costumes that we lend. Furthermore, the procession consists of standard-bearers, drummers, buglers, an infantry armed guard, a mounted escort of knights, dragoons, soldiers (depending on the period in which the celebration is held), guild craftsmen, clergymen, honorable citizens, the poor and beggars.

Horses tournament

We show the most sought-after entertainment of the Middle Ages, treated according to period sources, in which experienced knights with specially trained horses participate.

It is a folk entertainment where the noble knights show their equestrian art. Everything is handled as a grand romantic tale for the whole family.

The tournament is accompanied by a spoken word of a herald who manages the entire tournament.

There are also beautiful ladies, armed men, squires to be seen.

Attractions for the children

Specially for children we organize a big sock battle where children attack a model of a castle under the guidance of experienced commanders. The battle is commented.

Children can try archery and crossbow shooting on target, throwing a javelin and an ax. At the same time the little knights will taste the weight of the whole armour and we will lend them various kinds of weapons.

We also have competitions for children.

Markets and crafts

We provide authentic stallkeepers and craftsmen for a perfect period market. Our portfolio of contacts includes smiths, wood carvers, glassmakers, etc. The marketplace can be supplemented by a period barber shop, an oracle, a tea room, etc.






Slavian’s Journey from Conquered Troy

A humorous story about love, an epic narration on motifs of Greek myths and legends about the return of the famous warrior with Czech roots from the siege of Troy.

The main character is a three-meter giant, a witch and the hero Slavian, who arrives on his ship on an enchanted island.

Performance running time approx. 40 min.


A performance from ancient Rome. A retiarius armed with a net and a trident, a German with a shield and an ax, a hoplomachus and others fight each other in the arena.

Performance running time approx. 35 min.

Knights foot tournament

A demonstration of fights with individual weapons depending on the agreed period. The fighters show their art in short one-minute fights.

Running time approx. 20 min.

Dragon Story

A narrative story about a princess, a dragon and brave knights with a happy ending.

A large night performance with fires and pyrotechnic effects, accompanied by music and spoken word. The dragon measures three metres and sparkles with fire.

Performance running time approx. 40 min.

Football of Monks

A merry performance where two teams of monks (on the order possibly burghers or knights) play together football resembling rather a rugby match. The monks perform stunts with a ball about 3 metres big. The performance is full of hilarious gags and is commented on as TV live broadcast. It can be played both in daylight or at night.

Performance running time approx. 40 min.

Trial with Bandits (execution)

Royal bailiffs catch a bunch of robbers that plague the neighbourhood. The judges decide on individual robbers. The bandits can fight for mercy with a weapon, or they are sold as slaves to a spectator.

The chief of the gang is usually executed after a proper trial. We execute by putting the convict on a horse and hanging him. The horse is leaving alone, the hangman is swinging.

Performance running time approx. 35 min.

Ballad of a District Chief

A dramatic rendering of a ballad about a district chief of Hasištejn, his daughter, the canon and the white lady on the battlements.

The night theatre performance accompanied by impressive music. It can be applied to other castles or places.

Performance running time approx. 40 min.

Demonstration of execution and torture

A demonstration of the torture law. The thumbscrew, the Spanish boot, the mask of shame, pulling the tongue, and other practices used for torture.

The performance ends with the hanging of an incorrigible scoundrel.

Performance running time approx. 30 min.


At any time, it was necessary to train new soldiers. “Hard on the training ground, easy on the battlefield.” Our corporal will make proper soldiers of civilians.

A performance with audience engagement, spectators will learn to hold a gun, fire a musket, and thus defend their own honour, the honour of beautiful ladies and, of course, the honour of their king. The performance is mainly focused on children’s audience, after finishing the training they are knighted.

An improvised performance, its running time depends on capabilities of the audience involved. 

Development of Firearms

An illustrative account of development of firearms from the invention of black powder to the First World War with demonstrations of gunfire from individual arms. 

Performance running time approx. 30 min.

Forbiden duel

A cheerful composed performance accompanied by music and spoken word.

A story of two cavaliers from the time of the reign of Louis XIV. The gentlemen get into a small dispute about the favour of a beautiful lady. Their private settlement is disrupted by the arrival of guards who oversee the adherence to the recently announced ban on duels.

Performance running time approx. 30 min.

Adventure of “Džek Vrabčák”

Story about pirate jack, who want to save his gold.

Running time approx. 40 min.

Baron Munchausen and his Adventures

Perhaps a little fanciful, but beautifully rendered stories of a famous adventurer, traveller, soldier and diplomat.

Baron Munchausen on his horse tells about his travels to Poland, Russia, etc. There is also the famous flight on the cannonball.

Running time approx. 40 min.

General Laudon

A narrative reconstruction from the life of a famous general who talks about fighting in the Balkan War in which he took part as a young officer.

About 40 performers who demonstrate battle scenes, act in this story.

Performance running time approx. 40 min.

Giacomo Casanova

This well-known seducer is a guest at the earl’s court where he does not hesitate to use his charm to enchant local ladies. The show is accompanied by lots of battles, skirmishes and merry situations.

Performance running time approx. 35 min.

Children’s sock battle

Children are recruited and after basic training they attack a model of a castle under the guidance of experienced commanders. Soft projectiles such as socks, scourers, cork stoppers, are used for fighting. The battle is commented and it can be applied to real historical events, the siege of the city, conquering the castle, and so on.




We have participated in dozens of films, documentaries or television programmes. We have experience in creating battle scenes, doubling the actors or training them.