Our group the Knights of the Czech Crown was set up in Pilsen in 1990 by Martin Cholinský. We have a wealth of experience in organizing our own events, fencing performances in the  Czech Republic and all over Europe, and also with shooting films, serials and historical documentaries.


The group consists of approximately 20 members and several external members. We have a wide range of activities – we have costumes and props from antiquity to the French Revolution.

We participate in the organization of city and other historical events, we gain a lot of experience e.g. in France where we have been regularly performing since 2003. We also take part in many events in Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland or Italy. You could see our members in a lot of films or documentaries such as A Knight’s Tale, Joan of Arc, The Chronicles of Narnia, Warcraft, Little Knights Tale, The Musketeers, No Way Home, Britannia, Knightfall, and others.